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Welcome to the Reactors And Realms WikiEdit

Reactors and Realms is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the world of Forgotten Realms, as presented by Wizards of the Coast. It is run weekly on Roll20, a free website made to run online tabletop games. The series is livestreamed every Saturday and subsequently uploaded to the GeekHouse Youtube channel. This wiki is to help viewers and players keep up with the many people, places and adventures of the game.


Mystic Obscura Edit

Read about the history and purpose of the adventuring party.

Characters Edit

Meet the members of Mystic Obscura, along with the many individuals they meet, both friend and foe!

Episodes Edit

Find and view all of the episodes for Reactors and Realms, Tyranny of Dragons and The Bounties' Chase here!!!!

The World of Forgotten Realms Edit

Learn about the places Mystic Obscura has traveled to and heard of.

Adventuring Parties, Organisations & Families Edit

Learn who Mystic Obscura have run into, who they work for, and even who they might work against.

Plot Points Edit

Learn what this unique ability is and how the players used it to alter the story to their benefits, but at a cost.

Party Kill Board Edit

Check which of our heroes is leading in monster kills.

Quest Log Edit

Learn what quests our heroes still have to complete.

One Shots Edit

Watch side adventures and crazy quests from the players and friends of Reactors and Realms.

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